WhatsApp, the Popular Facebook Owned Messaging App, Pledges to Sue Users Over Off-Platform Misbehaviors!!! 

WhatsApp vulnerability exploited by Israeli spyware targets human rights campaigners

Let's get one thing straight: Facebook owned companies are publishers. It is obvious because this is insane. WhatsApp was supposed to be a secure (it's not) messaging app that allows users to text, share photos, & chat. However, thousands, if not millions of users have decided to leave or threaten to leave over Mark Zuckerberg's latest idea. WhatsApp will monitor your 'behavior' outside of the app, by obviously listening to your conversations through your microphone & screen your photos to see if they can catch you living in a way that Mark Zuckerberg would disapprove of. This is dystopian 1984, Orwellian-style insanity. The company will then SUE YOU for speaking or doing things that they disagree with. 

#DeleteWhatsApp #DeleteFacebook #DeleteFacebookMessenger #DeleteInstagram 

Read More: https://www.rt.com/news/461558-whatsapp-sue-off-platform-abuse/

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