Venezuela Still Struggles to Climb out of Socialistic Rule as Nicolas Maduro Regime Marches On

Venezuela: Local Photographers Capture Economic CollapseVenezuelans are having a tough time dealing with the effects of true socialism. It is inevitable to end up the way it has with their money being worth virtually nothing. Inflation has risen over 1 million%! This is due to socialistic policies, while many media names won't cover this, it is happening. Many citizens have been forced to find food through surfing through trash - that is also littered with feces in the streets. Things have gotten so bad, showers have become a luxury, as even opposition leader Juan Guaido is using a bucket for showers. Mr. Guaido has received support from numerous nations of being the real president of Venezuela, but Nicolas Maduro refuses to give up his power after his election term is already over. Venezuelans tried to take back their country in April during a coup, but could not since they voted to have their guns taken away, so when the government came, [VIDEO] tanks steam-rolled over people! Pray for the people of Venezuela, because at this time, it is all we can do since Maduro refuses to allow foreign humanitarian aid for his people. The spoils of socialism. Students of the Central University of Venezuela clash with riot police during a protest against Venezuelan Government in Caracas on May 4, 2017. Anti-government protests raged on in Venezuela Thursday as students launched fresh marches after a day of flames and tear gas brought the death toll to 33.

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