University Moves to Place Tampons in Men's Restrooms to Keep Transgender Students 'Safe' 

Joshua Jones Jr. 

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   Okay, all for grown adults making their own decisions in life, however, this decision by the University of Arkansas is just ludicrous. Tampons will be placed in the men's restroom for transgender students, but this is not for the female to male (FtM) transgenders, it is for the male to female (MtF) transgenders- but I thought they would want to use the women's restroom?! No, see, this is because they think that by placing tampons in the men's restroom that they can encourage or persuade men with low testosterone to switch their gender, but at the same time being gay is not something someone simply chooses, one is born that way . . . total contradiction. It is a legislative decision passed called 'Menstrual Equity for All Act'. They say men are welcome to use them too.No, you're not being pranked. 

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