Mainstream Media Tries to Frame Alex Jones by Lying, Saying he sent Child Porn to the Parents of Sandy Hook 

Alex Jones, 44, permanently banned from Infowars | 8Satire   The mainstream media, that is obviously controlled by people who cannot get anything right, have launched a massive smear campaign on social media & through worldwide broadcasts to lie about a situation going on concerning Alex & the Sandy Hook court case. Infowars was subpoenaed to have to turn in 9.6 million emails, but then the judge was more reasonable & only asked for the emails pertaining to Sandy Hook, which resulted in roughly 57,000. After the attorneys representing the parents of Sandy Hook received those emails, they began opening every one of them, including spam emails that had NEVER been opened by anyone, ever. Within a certain number of emails, believed to be about 12 or so, there was embedded child porn images or content that they then turned in to the FBI. The FBI has released their statement saying they believed Alex is a victim of this & has been set up. Alex offered up to $1 Million to anyone who can provide information that leads to a conviction of who sent him emails, that were very harsh in nature, threatening Alex, but also embedding them with child pornography. Google Analytics shows that Alex only ever spoke about Sandy Hook, or even covered the story 0.28% which virtually means this straw-man narrative that he is the 'Sandy Hook Man' is just a bold-faced lie. Then, on hundreds of publications, including The Guardian, The New York Times, & Buzzfeed their headlines read:

 "Alex Jones sent child pornography to the parents of Sandy Hook; Sandy Hook attorneys affirm." 

Lies! They are under threat of being sued right now and The Young Turks on YouTube had to delete their video of calling Alex Jones a pedophile and that he belongs in jail, which is libel and defamation. Constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes issued a statement to the Young Turks and other publications to take down and retract their defamatory accusations. 


Even people like Alyssa Milano have had to retract her tweets or be sued. The FBI has clearly said that Alex Jones is the victim of a 3rd party sending an email address associated with Infowars, child pornography & violent threats. A lot of people have taken the storming story to Twitter, but the majority seem to question the narrative. Many say, "Alex Jones is controversial with his opinions, but child porn is simply a straight lie." Even some far left loonies have said this doesn't make a single "lick of sense." Here is a video of the Constitutional Attorney, Robert Barnes with Barnes Law, explaining what is going on with the fake news media & them trying to frame Alex Jones for an egregious crime like Child Porn:


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