The Far-Left, LGBTQP Community, Now Requesting 'Gay Reparations' - For the Many Years of "Heterosexual People Being Mean to Homosexuals" - Not Satire 

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   The Left has gone total bonkers. The LGBT Community, through videos on YouTube & an Opinion article starting it all on the New York Times, is now claiming that gay people need reparations for the many years that straight people were mean to them. First, they suggest that every White person is evil & needs to pay reparations for every Black person, due to slavery 8-12 generations ago, but it has progressed now to an unprecedented level not yet reached before. Gay people are demanding that straight people pay a high, separate tax so that they can make up for all of the wrong-doings they have done over the course of world history to homosexuals. This is unbelievable; it truly is becoming a "clown world" - Honk Honk! 


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