Lesbian Couple Stabs, Decapitates their 9 year old 'son' After Cutting his Penis & Testicles off to try to Force him to Become Transgender! 

Lesbians Stab Innocent Nine-Year-Old Son to Death After Trying to Make Him “Transgender” by Cutting Off His GenitalsIn Brazil, this Pride month is turning out to have a few things that no one could ever have proud about. The common narrative is always that homosexual couples can be just as good, if not better parents than their straight counter-parts, but definitely not in this case. 27-year-old Rosana da Silva Candido, the boy's biological mother, & 28-year-old Kacyla Damasceno Pessao, the lesbian other-mother, stabbed their nine year old son Rhuan Maycon to death after evading child protective services for over a year. The boy's biological father was trying to save the boy during that time, believing that his ex-wife was trying to "brainwash him" & "manipulate him." The crazed women tied the boy down, against his will in an attempt to surgically give him a sex change, severed his penis & testicles, trying to create a makeshift vagina out of it, sew it back on, but then stabbed him & cut off his head. These women need to be locked up, forever, for literally the rest of their existential lives.

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