BREAKING: Journalist Hospitalized After Brutal Attack by ANTIFA

Joshua Jones Jr. - Sun | June 30, 2019 | 3:00PM

Andy Ngo Released from Hospital After Vicious Attack from ...

   Andy Ngo is a journalist that does on the scene reporting in real-time. He is highly respected among many journalists on the left and the right. However, he found himself in a very bad situation yesterday at the protests in Portland. ANTIFA, the self-proclaimed anti-fascists, have taken things to an unhealthy level. They began silly-string-spraying people and then it got serious - milkshakes with ‘quicklime’ in them. The media reported this as fast-drying cement, either way, that is going to harm anyone. Andy suffered a brain hemorrhage and is in the hospital. They attacked anyone they labeled a nazi, a white-nationalist, a conservative, a right-winger, or even moderates. These thugs do not care about anyone except themselves and the question is: will this lead to civil war 2? A lot of talk is going on about this on many different websites online, and so we can see the table being set.

Antifa Threatens Free Speech Rally Acid

   These people are getting serious. ANTIFA is now threatening to commence acid attacks in future protests. These mask-wearing thugs need to be arrested and charged with domestic terrorism. Where is the FBI? Why is law enforcement allowing them to assemble for violence? This is not peaceful protests, these are violent attacks on innocent people for an insane ideology which seeks to eradicate dissident opinions from existence.

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