About Jones Court

   Hi, I am Conservative Commentator Joshua D. Jones Jr. I'm a former Active Duty U.S. Marine, but definitely one for life.Jones Court is a vision I had about how news media just lies and continues to lie to our faces. Internet censorship just continues to increase and people are gravitating to the far reaches of the internet. Here at Jones Court, I give my honest opinions, commentary, and state the facts when I get them in order to further confirm to everyone that there is a need for independent media. The globalists have conditioned our minds that we need an app, but that is not true. We need to utilize our browsers, our minds, and get away from using websites that track us like Google, Facebook, & Instagram. Join me in this journey as I continue to unmask the many problems this world has, & I seek the truth with a fire that burns deep within me: the spirit of 1776. American all the way, til the day I die!  - Joshua Jones Jr.

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