Future AI Robot Sex Brothels?!

Joshua Jones Jr. - Sat | July 13, 2019 | 8:15PM

10 Roles For Artificial Intelligence In Education

   Artificial intelligence is increasingly scaring people as more information about it continues to leak out to the public. It is something that has an eerie, gloomy look of how the future may be ruled by robots. AI is expected to be implemented in robot sex dolls that are supposed to surpass the capabilities of a human. The engineers & software specialists that have been working on these projects for quite some time. Although AI has shown before that it did not need humans when one robot once said that it would “place all humans in a people zoo.” Another situation occurred in which two Facebook AI robots began chatting with one another in a language the robots created on the spot and only they could understand. The Facebook staff were quick to shut them down before things could get any scarier. Time and time again, situations rise where AI has shown this sick, distorted view that humans have to be eliminated, but engineers ignore the warnings of people like Elon Musk who have warned to be extremely cautious about AI. Will humanity suffer some sort of Artificial Intelligence driven robot apocalypse?

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