350+ Congolese Migrants Arrive at Texas Border, says San Antonio Officials

Africans in Mexico U.S. border is being exploited on all fronts. The border crisis has gotten even worse as the people from the Congo of Africa have arrived at our borders, that is Africa folks, not South America. The fact that countries figure all they have to do is have a woman who is 9 months pregnant to have a kid here and that is all it takes to receive free stuff, is asinine. The majority of the Congolese people speak French, so the San Antonio Officials were struggling to find interpreters, much less figure out where to put all of those people. The majority are coming here because they want to escape slavery, which still goes on in many parts of Africa, but there is a twist. The people arriving have been told to 'come get the free stuff and send money back or your husband/wife/kids will be sold off or killed, horrifying. President Trump is still trying to gather the funds for the border wall, but the obstructionist Democrats won't allow the proper funding. These people could be bringing [CDC] Ebola with them for all we know. This madness must stop now.

Read More: https://www.breitbart.com/border/2019/06/08/350-congolese-migrants-arrive-in-san-antonio/

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