Chris Pratt wore the Gadsden Flag and it Outraged Progressives

Joshua Jones Jr. - Sat | July 20, 2019 | 3:00PM

Chris Pratt Wears Gadsden Flag ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ T-Shirt ...

   Chris Pratt is widely known as a Christian, which is rare in Hollywood where so many are atheist or satanist. He is going to receive unfair media coverage because of this, but now things got really bizarre. Chris was walking with his wife and wearing something that set the progressives off: The Gadsden Flag in front of the US flag on a t-shirt. It has the iconic “Don't Tread on Me” phrase over the US flag, which is also seen as a problem for progressives because they hate America. He is now being called a White Supremacist by Yahoo who later retracted and wiped the phrase from their article under threat of defamation. However, it did not stop there, there is question of if the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie will continue with the outrage that they are featuring a "White Supremacist" in their movie. PC culture has caused too much unnecessary outrage to take place in recent years.Obviously, the leftists have lost their minds, but when did they ever have it in the first place?

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