California Governor Gavin Newsom met With Democrat Legislatures to Pass a $98 Million Dollar per Year Bill to Fully Fund FREE HEALTHCARE for Illegal Immigrants! 

Gov. Gavin Newsom, center, discusses the homeless problem facing California a...Citizens have never mattered to the state of California; it is all about being illegal in the state because legal tax-payingcitizens get raped by the California government's pernicious policies. Usually labeled "Commi-fornia" (communists) by most Conservatives, it is safe to say not much good comes out of California anymore. This is absolutely asinine that the people do not matter to the Democrats, as LA, San Francisco, & many other major cities have thousands of homeless people, heroine needles all over the place, even near schools, & fecal matter in the streets, yet the governor wants to give free healthcare to illegal immigrants - people who have not earned their way into the country by the legal standard. California barely has funds as it is, & now what they do have is being siphoned off as well. Governor Gavin Newsom pledged $25 million dollars to people in El Salvador as he used taxpayer dollars to travel there to give $25 million tax payer dollars over to possibly even some members of MS-13. In short, the American people are the big losers, while resources are sent elsewhere, California is dying folks. 

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