Black Street Preacher Arrested for Preaching the Word of God & Speaking About Jesus to a Crowd of LGBTQP (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Queer, Pedophile) People in Canada! Unbelievable - VIDEO 

Street Pastor Attacked and Arrested For Preaching The Gospel   

David J. Lynn is a Christian street preacher that was arrested in Canada while speaking about the love and salvation of Jesus Christ. He was attacked & assaulted by a far-left group of LGBT people who wants nothing more than to shut down speech they disagree with, especially the Christian religion due to homosexuality being a sin. Watch this video of David speaking with Alex Jones on Infowars about the whole situation in which he was thrown in jail for his beliefs in Jesus Christ. These thug cops were in on it as they obviously were supporting the LGBT crowd & gave in to their demands to arrest a man who was simply doing God's work. This is poignant, but the Bible says the persecution of Christians is going to happen, so expect nothing less. Will you stand for God when the time comes to do so? 


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