Alex Jones Offers a $1 Million Dollar Reward to Anyone with Information that Leads to an Arrest for Child Pornography Being Implanted onto his Infowars Server! 

Alex Jones offers $1M reward as FBI investigates child pornography planted on his Infowars server

Alex Jones is many things, but Infowars having child porn? That is not them at all. The FBI is looking into how or why this even happened but they know it is not Alex. The Infowars server was implanted with a malware attack that uploaded (for a brief time) child pornography inside embedded images within a massive email wave, & Alex was pissed as hell. Alex immediately got his attorneys involved, then went on air & furiously offered a cash reward of $1 Million Dollars if someone can find any information that leads to an arrest. It is no secret that the mainstream media, along with global leaders who dislike Jones, might have some sort of vendetta against him for exposing the lies of the media, as well as being a whistleblower to a myriad of events over his 25+ years on talk radio. This is no doubt an attack on Alex Jones & it shows they will stop at nothing to take someone down, just to censor their voice. Unbelievable!!!!! 


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