Woman Finds Dead Bird in her Canned Spinach

June 22, 2019 7:05AM

spinich-bird-featureWoman Says She Found a Dead Bird in Her Can of Spinach ...

     A woman in Pennsylvania was simply prepping dinner for her family, as usual, until something bizarre took place at the least expected time. Cherie Lyons was opening up a can of Del Monte Foods spinach when she then took a small bite before she was about to place a bowl into the microwave, her cooking ritual. Suddenly, she began to realize it would not mash apart. Oddly enough, she examined it with a closer look and she could not believe her eyes - it was a dead, petrified baby bird in the spinach! She let out a shriek and was disgusted, exclaiming that she had taken a bite of the spinach. She took the news to a Facebook post.

   Del Monte Foods released a statement saying that they "would investigate this issue because they are committed to providing high quality, safe, nutritious foods. We are working with the consumer to gather more information and investigating the matter. We implement strict controls throughout our operations to ensure our products meet the highest levels of quality, safety, and purity.

   Nonetheless, whether it was placed there on purpose by someone or not, it is likely the bird flew into the factory or facility, landing on a machine that grabbed it and placed it inside a can. Gross

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