U.K. Christian doctor fired due to refusing to refer to a 6-foot tall bearded man as “Madam”

Joshua Jones Jr. - Thur | July 11, 2019 | 9:05AM

   This really is the poster-boy-article for degeneracy, decline and collapse. A U.K. Christian doctor, David Mackereth, 56, has been fired from his government job for refusing to refer to a 6" foot tall, bearded man as “Madam.” His contract was terminated upon refusing to use transgender pronouns on the patient. It was a testicular exam, for crying out loud. He is now suing the government for discrimination based on religious beliefs. The corruption that is the U.K. has grown in recent years, as Tommy Robinson, an English free speech activist, has been persecuted for crimes he didn't commit. Where does the people of England go from here?

Read More: https://summit.news/2019/07/11/christian-doctor-fired-from-government-job-after-refusing-to-refer-to-6-foot-bearded-man-is-madam/

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