Tulsi Gabbard - Most Searched Name on Google During Debates

Joshua Jones Jr. - Thu | June 27 | 8:55AM

   The first Democratic debates were wild. The candidates that showed that the goal was to prove who was the most progressive of them all. When the subject got to healthcare, only Senator Warren & Mayor DeBlasio raised their hands when asked who would give up their private insurance for government ran healthcare? That shows how silly it is to have government run healthcare systems because the Democrats don't even want to get rid of their own private health insurance. They went back & forth about who would give abortion rights more or faster, with Julián Castro saying: “If I am elected president, I will give reproductive justice! So even a transgender woman can have the right to choose!” That is a totally bizarre thing to say. The next few questions became about immigration. On the subject of immigration laws, the majority of the candidates wanted to decriminalize border crossings. They want to allow everyone who wants to be in, to get in. One important thing to note is that Senator Elizabeth Warren wanted to break up Google and other big tech companies. Whatever her motives, that is one thing most Conservatives can get behind. However, one candidate stole the spotlight - Tulsi Gabbard.

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   Tulsi Gabbard served in the US Army and has deployed a few times, doing humanitarian missions and has seen what it takes to get the job done on foreign policy. She says she is the only one qualified to be the Commander-in-Chief on the debate stage & many would argue she has some validity to ponder that. Something about this resonates with the majority of America because she became the most searched name on Google last night, during the debates. Some are critical of her for the fictitious 'relationship with Assad'. There are even some people, liberals & leftists, saying she is bought and paid for by Russia and is Putin's lapdog. These are simple, scurrilous smears that have no weight. Tulsi did not show that she was un-privy to the debate questions, as she did answer them. However, she was the only one who remained composed & calm - which probably won over the audience.

Form your own opinion if you like her or not. Personally, I'm sticking with Trump.

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