Trump's Disgust for Cryptocurrencies Backfires as Russia, China, Venezuela, & Iran aim to use Crypto to Circumvent Sanctions & Tariffs

Joshua Jones Jr. - Fri | July 12, 2019 | 4:15PM

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   President Trump just recently came out with a Twitter rant saying he was not a fan of Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies. He promoted the United States Dollar & this did not even last a day for it to backfire - Russia, China, Iran, & Venezuela are going to be using cryptocurrencies to circumvent sanctions, tariffs, and anything else that gives the US financial superiority. This bummer came as attention was brought to the capabilities of crypto and how they might be able to lessen the blow of hard economic policies that have made President Trump successful in the first place. It may have been a better idea to conduct research on cryptocurrencies before releasing a Twitter rant that made many of America's enemies and acquaintances decide they want to look into why President Trump dislikes cryptocurrencies so much. Will this reverse Trump's economic boom that has made him so popular and successful? Only time will tell.

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