Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) Lays into Google Executives After Project Veritas Interview

Joshua Jones Jr. - Tue - June 25, 2019 - 1:30PM

   It's not too difficult to foresee at this point that Google is going to be in the hot seat for a while. Senator Ted Cruz grilled a Google employee today, following the Project Veritas video that exposed them for censorship & narrative control. Google's goal is simple: “to prevent a Donald Trump situation from ever happening again.” Section 230 must be taken away from Big Tech companies folks. They believe they can control the flow of information & that needs to turn around now. If Congress & President Trump acts fast, they might be able to prevent these kinds of things from happening going forward. The Republicans would have to rely on themselves though because Democrats benefit from censorship. Their ideologies & world views never get censored, only Conservatives. This means that the time is now ripe for going at them full force. Mobilize information & get the video out to people who haven't seen it yet. This Google rep is lying & acting like she doesn't know people in the company. She also is acting as though she is clueless to anything Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is asking her. This woman then fumbles her words, unable to answer questions & then acts like she is so busy that she needs him to hurry up so she can go back to enslaving people with Google technology. Google, if you see this, you will NOT win! Justice is Coming!!!


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