Study: Fish Oil Does Not Boost Brain Health

Joshua Jones Jr. - Sat | June 29, 2019 | 12:20PM

 Older Brits have been told that brain-boosting supplements are a waste of money

   Fish oil has Omega-3's, which contains fatty-acids that could be necessary. However, a new study finds that Fish oil does not actually help boost brain health, especially in those over 50. A major review by the Global Council on Brain Health found there is “no convincing evidence” nutritional supplements designed to improve thinking skills, memory, or Alzheimer's symptoms actually work. Global Council is an independent team of scientists, health professionals, professors, and policy makers that collaborate to form studies over periods of time. Dr. Jana Voigt, 70, went to medical school at the University of Cambridge. She has studied dementia, and brain health her entire adult life. She says:

“Understanding how our diet affects our brain health as we age is important and could give us clues about how to prevent dementia cases. We welcome this independent, wide-scale report by the Global Council on Brain Health which concludes that there is no good evidence to suggest that any specific dietary supplement can improve the health of the brain.” - Dr. Jana Voigt, MD.

   So it can be very assuring that there are other methods for dementia prevention and boosting brain power. One possibility is walking, having daily hobbies, and challenging the brain daily. Complacency can unfortunately increase grey-matter in the brain. Even stroking pets daily can be helpful, as some studies show that this creates memory packets. The companies that claim fish oil will cure or boost brain health, are simply promoting a placebo, not irrefutable evidence. It is simply an untrue myth.

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