Starbucks Apologizes to Officers After Being Asked to Leave because a customer felt 'unsafe'

Joshua Jones Jr. - Mon | July 8, 2019 | 8:15AM

   Tempo, Arizona is in the news this week as 6 police officers were asked to leave because some customers felt 'unsafe' around them. The only reason to feel unsafe around police officers is if you have committed a crime or plan to commit a crime. The company has since apologized to the officers were unwelcome simply for being officers. Getting their coffee was not okay around people who feel threatened by their presence for absolutely no reason. That kind of anxiety is crazy and they need to be mentally checked. It has since started a movement of people using the hashtag #DumpStarbucks on Twitter to show their support for the officers. They have voiced that other companies sell coffee too and they would not be back. This likely pissed off most Conservatives who are very vocal about 'backing the blue' supporting officers nationwide. This could last for a while, then people forget, or it could be permanent as Conservatives have also dumped Nike for taking the Betsy Ross Flag out of their shoe product line, upon request by Colin Kaepernick due to him believing the flag has racist ties, though he is wrong and it does not have racist ties. 

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