‘Sharia in the Sun’ - “Friendly” Muslim Resort Planned Next to Disney World?!

Joshua Jones Jr. - Tue - June 25, 2019 - 11:50AM

   A Canadian developer is planning ‘Sharia in the Sun’ - a Muslim themed resort coming very soon next to Disney World in Orlando, Florida.  Zafir Rashid is the man behind the project in which the normalization & brainwashing of Sharia Law is going to take place at this resort. Another one is being planned in the Dominican Republic as well. It is currently planned to be about 200 acres and estimated to cost upwards of $500M! Sharia Law is the faith of Muslims in which women are oppressed, & there are so many issues with it. Just run a search into DuckDuckGo & you are sure to find thousands of reasons why you would never want that in America. However, this perversion that will be Sharia in the Sun, is going to attempt to brainwash people into thinking that it's normal or okay. This is the progressive left always pushing the narrative & trying to sucker people into their own demise. CAIR (Counsel on American Islamic Relations), is going to try to help crowd fund this resort. CAIR also had their Orlando-based leader busted for trying to have sex with an underage girl. Of course, that is a common occurrence in the Muslim faith, since Muhammed, their prophet, married Aisha at age 6, & impregnated her at age 9. Sick, but they follow this. So why is this being normalized in the US? And with a resort as if it will be fun to learn about this stuff? When will the public wake up & realize that the Muslims are trying to take over the country in every way? Unplug yourself from the Matrix.

Read More: https://lauraloomer.us/2019/06/22/muslim-friendly-resort-planned-near-disney/#.XRJMINNOmt9


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