Over $1 Billion Worth of Cocaine Seized at Philadelphia Port

massive cocaine drug bust Philadelphia Port    When anyone or anything comes in the country, or even from another state, the correct protocol is supposed to be authorities checking for safety reasons. Police discovered & prevented one of the biggest transportations of cocaine in history. Over $1 Billion dollars worth of cocaine was seized at the Packer Avenue Marine Terminal in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Members of the ship's crew have been arrested & detained as part of being federally charged for at least two people. The cocaine totaled about 16.5 tons. Federal authorities are continuing to look into where it came from & if there is more in other containers. 

Read More: https://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/2019/06/18/15000-kilos-of-cocaine-confiscated-during-drug-bust-at-philadelphia-port-federal-sources-say/

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