Chris Pratt wore the Gadsden Flag and it Outraged Progressives

Chris Pratt Wears Gadsden Flag ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ T-Shirt ...

Future AI Robot Sex Brothels?!

10 Roles For Artificial Intelligence In Education

Appeals Court Rules Trump Violated First Amendment by Blocking People on Twitter

President Trump Has Done Almost Nothing - POLITICO Magazine

Driver Cited for Using 30-can Beer Pack as Booster Seat

Driver accused of using 30-can beer pack as booster seat ...

U.K. Christian doctor fired due to refusing to refer to a 6-foot tall bearded man as “Madam”

Girl Scouts sue Boy Scouts over trademark because they allow Girls

Girl Scouts slam Boy Scouts' decision to accept girls ...

AOC: “Nancy Pelosi gave me panel work to keep me busy”

AOC hits back at Pelosi for knocking far-left lawmakers ...

USA Women's Soccer Team Victorious, but Fans Chant “F*** Trump”

U.S. fans cheer during the second half of the team's CONCACAF Gold Cup soccer match against Guyana on Tuesday, June 18, 2019, in St. Paul, Minn. (AP Photo/Andy Clayton-King) ** FILE **

Starbucks Apologizes to Officers After Being Asked to Leave because a customer felt 'unsafe'

Nike Axes Betsy Ross Flag Shoe after Colin Kaepernick cries about its “ties to racism”

Nike Ditches ‘Betsy Ross Flag’ Sneaker After Colin ...

BlueBell Ice-Cream Licker Could Face up to 20 Years in Prison

Girl licking Blue Bell ice cream: Woman who licked tub of ...

Kamala Harris's Father Exposes Her Ancestry as Plantation Slave Owners

According to Kamala Harris’ father, Donald J. Harris, the Democratic presidential hopeful is a descendant of famed slave owner Hamilton Brown. 

Andrew Yang says: “MSNBC Cut My Mic”

Andrew Yang AFP Getty

BREAKING: Sarin Exposure at Facebook HQ

What is Sarin and Why is it Banned? - YouTube

AOC: “Border Patrol Told Women & Children to Drink from Toilets”

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said Monday that illegal immigrants and asylum-seekers detained at a pair of U.S. Customs and Border Protection stations she visited are 'drinking out of toilets'

Old Man Attacked with Crowbar in Saturday ANTIFA Protests

Google Executives Delete Their Social Media Accounts Following Project Veritas Exposé!

Corrupt Google Exec, Jen Gennai, Has Deleted Her Twitter ...

Iran Declares Permanent Closure of Diplomacy with US After Sanctions

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif

Illegal Alien Caught Having Sex with a Cow

Study: Fish Oil Does Not Boost Brain Health

 Older Brits have been told that brain-boosting supplements are a waste of money

Apple Shifts Mac Pro Production to China

Apple Threatens to Remove Parler App

New Social Media Platform Parler News: Unbiased Alternative

Tulsi Gabbard - Most Searched Name on Google During Debates

BREAKING: President Trump Imposes Hard Sanctions on Iran, as Tensions Rise

President Trump implaments aditional sanctions on Iran at ...

BREAKING: Trump Orders Airstrikes on Iran, but Calls it off at the Last 10 Minutes

President Donald Trump poses for a portrait in the Oval ...

NBC: Hillary Clinton Covered Up Pedophile Sex Ring?!

Hillary-devil | RightNJ

Former NBA Coach Mark Jackson 'Blackballed' from NBA for his Christian Values

Ease Up on Mark Jackson, For "Mama's" Sake

Iranian Minister: "US Cyber Attacks were Unsuccessful" - He's Lying

Kremlin-backed hackers spying on Europe, Asia and US, claims cybersecurity firm - The Rakyat ...

No Airstrikes, but Cyber Attacks were Commenced

Bilder und Videos suchen: bis: stockphoto-graf

‘Sharia in the Sun’ - “Friendly” Muslim Resort Planned Next to Disney World?!

Laura Loomer Confirms - Fox News now Sympathetic to Drag Queens with Sex Toys & Strawberry Lube in the Face of 5-year olds!

President Trump's 2020 Campaign Kickoff: Orlando, Florida

5.6 Magnitude Earthquake - California Coast

5.6-magnitude earthquake hits 5km off California coast

Drag Queen Story Time - in San Antonio Church?!

Drag Queen Story Time - YouTube

AOC, Omar: "The US is Running Concentration Camps; Why is that Controversial?"

File:Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Official Portrait.jpg - Wikimedia CommonsIlhan Omar - Wikipedia 

Bernie Sanders Proposes to Eliminate all $1.6T in Student Loan Debt if Elected

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., pauses while speaking during a forum on Friday, June 21, 2019, in Miami. (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)

DNA Matchmaking to Save Japan

DNA hopefuls behind bamboo screens in a 'blind date' with a twist

Mainstream Media Tries to Frame Alex Jones by Lying, Saying he sent Child Porn to the Parents of Sandy Hook

Alex Jones, 44, permanently banned from Infowars | 8Satire

Custodians find Abandoned Fetus in Plane Lavatory

Passengers were offloaded from the plane after the cleaners discovered the foetus blocking the toilet

Boy, 7, Beat to Death by Mother for Refusing to Dress as a Girl

Woman Finds Dead Bird in her Canned Spinach!

spinich-bird-featureWoman Says She Found a Dead Bird in Her Can of Spinach ...

Man Strips Naked at Detroit Airport Security Terminal

Elizabeth Warren to Legalize Prostitution, even for Minors?!

Elizabeth Warren's New Argument: Corruption Drives ...

BREAKING: Tehran Oil Tankers Have Been Attacked 

Democrat Staffer Arrested for Doxxing GOP Senators

Democratic Staffer Arrested By US Capitol Police For 'Doxxing' Senators During Kavanaugh ...

Harvard University Removes White Doctors' Portraits from Medical School for 'the Sake of Diversity'

The Associated Press

FLEA WILLY - Mutant ‘Porn Star’ Fleas with Giant Penises Invading Homes After Bonkers Weather Creates Bumper Breeding Season in the U.K.

 Huge 'super-fleas' are set to invade homes and workplaces this summer

Over $1 Billion Worth of Cocaine Seized at Philadelphia Port

massive cocaine drug bust Philadelphia Port

BREAKING: Gunman Opened Fire on Dallas, Texas Federal Courthouse! (Shooter in Picture)

A thwarted Dallas shooting goes viral. If only all gun violence got the same attention

Taylor Swift Slammed by LGBT Community for 'Pandering for Profit'

Music fans are blasting Taylor Swift for her new Pride-themed anthem 'You Need To Calm Down', claiming she is safely jumping on the 'queer bandwagon' to make profits

Boston Dynamics' Robot "Spot" Goes on Sale; How Terrifying Really; Elon Musk Warns

Boston Dynamics robot Spot

Alex Jones Offers a $1 Million Dollar Reward to Anyone with Information that Leads to an Arrest for Child Pornography Being Implanted onto his Infowars Server! 

Alex Jones offers $1M reward as FBI investigates child pornography planted on his Infowars server

BIBLE Related Content, Scriptures, Easter, Christian terms, Removed & Censored on Pinterest  

Pinterest crosses 200 million monthly active users ...

350+ Congolese Migrants Arrive at Texas Border, says San Antonio Officials

Africans in Mexico

The Far-Left, LGBTQP Community, Now Requesting 'Gay Reparations' - For the Many Years of "Heterosexual People Being Mean to Homosexuals" - Not Satire

there's a doo-doo rioter on the loose. | IGN Boards

WhatsApp, the Popular Facebook Owned Messaging App, Pledges to Sue Users Over Off-Platform Misbehaviors!!!

WhatsApp vulnerability exploited by Israeli spyware targets human rights campaigners

University Moves to Place Tampons in Men's Restrooms to Keep Transgender Students 'Safe' Downloads | Style Guides and Logos | University of Arkansas

Facebook to Categorize You as an "Agent of Hate" Based on Your Behavior & Conversations Off of Their Platform 

Glyphosate: Cancer Causing Ingredient Found in Round-Up, Also Found in Many Cereals, Study Finds

WIN! California To List Glyphosate As A Carcinogen | Humans Are Free

Putin, Xi Oppose Venezuela Military Intervention; Support Iran Nuclear Deal 

California Governor Gavin Newsom met With Democrat Legislatures to Pass a $98 Million Dollar per Year Bill to Fully Fund FREE HEALTHCARE for Illegal Immigrants! 

Gov. Gavin Newsom, center, discusses the homeless problem facing California a...

Lesbian Couple Stabs, Decapitates their 9 year old 'son' After Cutting his Penis & Testicles off to try to Force him to Become Transgender! 

Lesbians Stab Innocent Nine-Year-Old Son to Death After Trying to Make Him “Transgender” by Cutting Off His Genitals

MLB Superstar David Ortiz, "Big Papi" has been Shot in a Drive-by Shooting While Visiting the Dominican Republic 

David Ortiz’s Net Worth: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know ...

US Lawmakers Call For Ban on Facial Recognition as Massive 640 Million Photos FBI Database Revealed!

Massive Crowds, Totaling Over 1 Million+ Protest a new Extradition Law in China. 

Venezuela Still Struggles to Climb out of Socialistic Rule as Nicolas Maduro Regime Marches On

Venezuela: Local Photographers Capture Economic Collapse

George Orwell's book: 1984 Turns 70 Years Old Day. The Book That Predicted the Dystopian Future That Awaits us all.

George Orwell's 1984 (Hardback)

Black Street Preacher Arrested for Preaching the Word of God & Speaking About Jesus to a Crowd of LGBTQP (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Queer, Pedophile) People in Canada! Unbelievable - VIDEO

 Street Pastor Attacked and Arrested For Preaching The Gospel

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