NBC: Hillary Clinton Covered Up Pedophile Sex Ring?!

Joshua Jones Jr. - Sun | June 21, 2019 | 11:15AM

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   Hillary Clinton, who was the secretary of state during the time that this entire course of events played out, is under fire for potentially covering up a pedophile sex ring. This is coming from NBC this time, & that should be a shocker since left-wing media has a way with aiding in the covering up of scandals associated with Democrats, but will gladly blast them about Republicans or it doesn't have to be a scandal, it could be a lie, they usually don't care. With the emails being deleted, about over 33,000, then another 75,000, bleached servers, the Benghazi scandal, lying that she was under fire on the tarmac, it is not too difficult to believe. Here are some articles with insight that explain how deeply intertwined this is, concerning Hollywood & politicians being involved with satanic, child sex-rings where they abduct kids to be involved in these rituals of abomination resulting in the rape & murder of innocent trafficked children. And just who was it that was at the top of it all, keeping it hushed up? You guessed it, Hillary Clinton.

Read More: https://newspunch.com/hillary-clinton-pedophile-ring-state-department/




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