Laura Loomer Confirms - Fox News now Sympathetic to Drag Queens with Sex Toys & Strawberry Lube in the Face of 5-year olds!

Mon - June 24, 2019 - 9:20PM

   Laura Loomer is probably the most banned woman in the world. Banned for being conservative & one of the main contributors to getting Donald Trump elected. This is why companies like Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube have banned her - to silence her. These tech companies are prescribing what opinions you are allowed to have & they will get rid of you if you do not capitulate to their narrative. Alternative tech platforms like Telegram, Gab, Minds, BitChute, & Parler have all emerged as good places to flock to. Laura Loomer has found a home on these other platforms. She revealed that Fox News's Martha MacCullum has been showing signs of being over-sympathetic to the gay men on the program who say they want to have drag queen story time with 5-year olds & how the drag queens have been wearing thongs, fishnets, holding penis-shaped bookmarks, bringing condoms, speaking about anal sex, and showing the kids how to apply strawberry lube. This is nuts, but it is happening way more than people understand. Do not become desensitized to this crap, & do not become sympathetic to it. It's wrong & they need to keep this perversion away from kids. 

Remember: They're coming for your Children...

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