Kamala Harris's Father Exposes Her Ancestry as Plantation Slave Owners

Joshua Jones Jr. - Mon | July 1, 2019 | 11:00PM

According to Kamala Harris’ father, Donald J. Harris, the Democratic presidential hopeful is a descendant of famed slave owner Hamilton Brown. 

   Kamala Harris (D-CA) is a 2020 Presidential candidate for the Democratic Party. Her heritage is being half Jamaican & half Indonesian, not African American. Don Lemon of CNN aggressively pointed this out on his show that “Kamala Harris was not African American.” She is pandering to the Black community & using it to attempt to get ahead. However, her father came out saying that her family are the direct descendants of Jamaican slave plantation owner, Hamilton Brown. Here is the PDF version of what Donald J. Harris had to says in the PDF below. So she is lying about being a “marginalized Black woman” when she is in fact a descendant of a slave owner. Since the Democrats want slavery reparations, then should she be forced to pay those reparations since she has a family coming directly from slave owners? Luckily, Trump is going to win because the left has gone insane with identity politics & some are using it try to get ahead. Nice try Kamala, but Black people are not stupid and they will see right through your lies, every time.

Read More: https://newspunch.com/kamala-harris-grandmother-plantation-slave-owner/

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