Trans Activist, Jessica Yaniv, wants Children Topless & Beauticians to Wax "Her" Testicles

Joshua Jones Jr. - Tue | July 23, 2019 | 6:15PM

Jonathan Yaniv / Jessica Yaniv / @trustednerd ...

   Jessica Yaniv, or better known as Jonathan as He was named at birth, is a Canadian trans-activist that has made headlines today. There is a party that is being planned at "Her" house that has invited children as young as 9 years old, and pre-teen girls and they are being encouraged to come "topless" and parents are "not allowed to attend." But that is not even where it stops, because the next part will make you lose your socks. Jessica is suing over 15 women for refusing to wax her genitalia, literally "Her" testicles. A Brazilian Bikini Wax is one that can get very close to personal private parts, but professionally is meant to ensure a nice clean look at the beach or for models. However, this situation is insane as Canada is actually hearing the case for the trans-activist because they always bend over backwards to inverted ideology. It is insane that people like this actually get away with putting their illusions over on other people. This is state-run sexual assault at play.

Jessica Yaniv, Canada transgender waxing case

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