Illegal Alien Caught Having Sex with a Cow

Joshua Jones Jr. - Sun | June 30, 2019 | 6:45PM

    An illegal alien was caught by US Border Patrol near the Texas border in Starr County. The suspect was caught in the act when authorities arrived on the scene. José Nino, 28, is a Mexican National who was in the states illegally. He ended up being charged with beastiality, a felony plus he received a $1,500 fine. This is not something the mainstream left will want to speak of, especially because it might make illegal immigrants look bad. Zoophilia is already a protected class by Twitter now, so there is no making fun of Mr. Nino allowed. In the news this week, a Princeton professor, Peter Singer, said that “I think that sex with dogs is harmless and I know some women who enjoy it.” This sick fantasy land that the left is living in is becoming more repulsive every day. They are always looking to ‘progress’ things further, but that's not really the case. The cow is the one we should all be worried for. Poor cow just wanted some grass, not to be done in its ass. 

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