Girl Scouts sue Boy Scouts over trademark because they allow Girls

Joshua Jones Jr. - Thur | July 11, 2019 | 7:30AM

Girl Scouts slam Boy Scouts' decision to accept girls ...

   Last year, the Boy Scouts of America announced that they would be allowing girls in, after media and progressive activism backlash. With (Political Correctness) PC Culture on the rise, it is ‘misogynistic’ & ‘sexist’ to not allow girls in boy scouts. However, boys are not allowed in girl scouts - the hypocrisy is real. Thousands of former Boy Scouts were very open about their disapproval about allowing girls in the camps with young adolescent boys. It opens the door for things to happen that shouldn't.

Girl Scouts sue Boy Scouts over its rebranding effort

   The Girl Scouts of America have now filed a lawsuit against the Boy Scouts for its rebranding effort to allow girls.  – Yes, they campaigned it was unfair to not allow girls into Boy Scouts, then the Boy Scouts allowed Girls, and now they are Suing them for Allowing Girls! The bizarre, absurd, & stupidity that is PC culture and identitarianism is causing them to contradict themselves in ways unimaginable. Just when does it end?

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