FLEA WILLY - Mutant ‘Porn Star’ Fleas with Giant Penises Invading Homes After Bonkers Weather Creates Bumper Breeding Season in the U.K.

 Huge 'super-fleas' are set to invade homes and workplaces this summer   There is some bad weather going on in parts of the U.K. Not tornadoes or earthquakes, nothing like that, no something far worse: heat + humidity = flea infestations. There are 'super fleas' that breed from one female to the next, breeding with each one, with the females laying about 50+ eggs, but the males can mate up to 100 times a day (all the human females got a little excited after reading that, stop). Pets, like cats & dogs are frequent carriers of fleas, in which they track them into the house, clinging to bedding, carpets, and they like to bite people's legs. It is wise to give them a flea treatment at least 2-3 times during the summer when fleas are more likely to be up & about, weaving their way into homes & looking for a host to cling to. More interestingly, super fleas (males) have sizable appendages that are two-and-a-half times longer than their body -the biggest willy on the planet relative to their size. So after biting you, male fleas give you a 'poke' which is quite disgusting to think about!

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