Drag Queen Story Time - in San Antonio Church?!

Sun - June 23, 2019 - 8:30AM

Drag Queen Story Time - YouTube

   Drag Queen Story Time is a horrendous attempt for pedophiles to get people's kids. No misleading claim here, Houston, Texas had two of these drag queens violate their sex-offender registry laws by being part of this event at schools. This comes as no surprise, but what is even more bizarre is that this is supposed to be about reading, so why do they have to teach them about how to perform anal sex, how to strip for money, becoming drag queens, & even having the kids sit in their laps? It's disgusting & this has no place in society. The sad part is that in Leander, Texas, a Drag Queen Story Hour had been cancelled but a church paid $10,000 to get them in & then ANTIFA showed up to defend them against anyone who would try to stop the Drag Queen Pedophiles from getting to the children. This is perversion at its finest, as they are inverting the truth - telling the boys that they 'can be girls' & the girls that they 'can be boys'. What is even more alarming is one of the drag queens previously spent 18-years in prison for murder & rape of a 6-year-old boy. Let that just sink in for a minute... 

Michelle Obama Neighborhood Library Has Drag Queen Story ...

   Now it gets even worse folks. A church in San Antonio, Texas has the Drag Queens IN THE CHURCH. No joke, this is not satire, link will be posted for a video. So instead of preaching about Jesus Christ & spreading the Gospel, empowering Christians with the spiritual tools needed to fight the good fight of faith for the week, it's about pedophiles having direct access to your children, with thunderous applause. The left will continue to promote this crap under the guise of acceptance. Meanwhile, in a proceeding against one of the Drag Queens in Louisiana's Lafayette Library Board of Control, one drag queen ADMITTED to attempting to "groom the children." They're coming to a city near YOU - to get your children. These satanic puppets are not going to stop until they groom your kids. America, WAKE UP!

Drag Queen Story Hour website: https://www.dragqueenstoryhour.org/

VIDEO of San Antonio Church: https://www.pscp.tv/sav_says_/1gqGvVYeglnGB?t=11s

Tweet: https://twitter.com/sav_says_/status/1142483670453956608 

VIDEO of Drag Queen Admitting to Grooming Kids in Lafayette, Louisiana: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/watch-drag-queen-admits-hes-grooming-children-at-story-hour-events 

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