DNA Matchmaking to Save Japan

June 22 7:10PM

DNA hopefuls behind bamboo screens in a 'blind date' with a twist

      Japan has been having a demographics crisis for a while now. In the most recent 20 - 30 years, a few things have taken place to shape this problem. One is the working hours of most businesses in Japan. With 5 - 6 day weeks, with over 45 - 80 hours, they are over-worked. This means not enough time for relationships & fun. This business culture has taken a rise as infrastructure improvements have taken place in Japan. Another issue, which many say is the root cause or main issue is the Anime culture of having a 'waifu' or 'husbando'.  A waifu is having a female animated character that is referred to as a girlfriend or wife; a husbando is a male animated character that is referred to as a boyfriend or a husband. This can extend over to having relationships with dolls for a wife. Some Japanese men have even left their wives & children to pursue a relationship with a doll. As A.I. (artificial intelligence) develops, this problem becomes even worse as some dolls can now interact with their mates and even converse with them. Japan has a program that will pay foreign men, particularly American men, a sum of money, from the Japanese government to marry & pro-create with a Japanese woman just to keep their race & gene pool going. The birth rate has fallen too low, but a new program emerges with hopes of turning things around - a DNA matchmaking service. This program hopes to help set up lucky bachelors & bachelorettes up with money & other incentives like days off work to 'pro-create' in an almost 'game show-like' service. Game shows are highly popular in Japan, & this aims to trigger that dopamine of watching or participating in a game show. Could this save the Japanese people?

Read More: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/06/22/japanese-sign-dna-matchmaking-country-faces-generation-singletons/

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