Custodians find Abandoned Fetus in Plane Lavatory

June 22, 2019 8:10AM

Passengers were offloaded from the plane after the cleaners discovered the foetus blocking the toilet

   Johannesburg, South Africa - Cleaning staff were told they needed to unclog the lavatory, or find out why it wasn't flushing correctly. However, what they found was a shock to everyone - a fetus. The flight was coming from Durban on its was to Johannesburg. Flight. The airline FlySafair, had an executive who gave the following statement:

"Upon final preparations of the waste management system for the departure of flight, our technical crew discovered what appeared to be an abandoned fetus," the airline said in a statement. "We will be doing everything within our power to aid authorities in the necessary investigations and thank our loyal customers for their patience with the resultant delay," said FlySafair executive Kirby Gordon.

   This is all too common now-a-days, as more & more women are having abortions, or being encouraged to do so by companies like Planned Parenthood. It is quite a disgusting inconvenience if you were aboard that airplane, to say the least. The poor fetus never had a chance at life...

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