Appeals Court Rules Trump Violated First Amendment by Blocking People on Twitter

Joshua Jones Jr. - Tue | July 9, 2019 | 2:30PM

President Trump Has Done Almost Nothing - POLITICO Magazine

   President Trump has just recently lost an appeals court case in which it states clearly in a Tuesday decision, the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals noted that because Trump uses Twitter to communicate with the public about his administration, and his account is open to the public for people to comment on his posts, it warrants constitutional free speech protection under the First Amendment. Thus, President Trump, being a government official, cannot block someone on Twitter or any social media because it is stripping them of their First Amendment rights. This means that ALL government officials CANNOT block people on social media because speaking on social media to government officials or agencies is a First Amendment right. 

   Could this decision backfire on AOC & the other Democrats that think this will only apply to President Trump? This would mean that no government official has the right to block you. This is a huge climax in internet censorship because it could mean that blocking someone from a social media site, restricts your First Amendment rights to communicate with your government officials. Will the tide turn?

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