Boy, 7, Beat to Death by Mother for Refusing to Dress as a Girl

June 22, 2019 7:32AM

   Guanajuato, Mexico - Karol Ramon, 7, was beaten to death by his mother and her girlfriend. This comes as one of the many stories emerging of lesbian mothers killing their kids over refusing to be transgender. Ramon was full of bruises, cigarette burns, scars & more. He was beaten with belts, chairs, whips, & even a hammer. He was also forced to go days without food since he wouldn't 'make them happy' by being a girl. His grandmother tried to get custody of him due to finding out about the abuse, but it was an unsuccessful attempt. 

   This takes place one week after a  9-year old boy in Brazil had his penis & testicles ripped off by his lesbian 'mothers,' then he was stabbed multiple times, following being decapitated. What is it with these lesbians killing their sons because they want them to be women? Could it be their hatred for men, that they then take it out on the innocent young boys? 

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