BlueBell Ice-Cream Licker Could Face up to 20 Years in Prison

Joshua Jones Jr. - Fri | July 5, 2019 | 2:45AM

Girl licking Blue Bell ice cream: Woman who licked tub of ...

   A nasty trend has started after a woman walked into a local Walmart in Lufkin, Texas and recorded herself licking all the tubs of BlueBell® Ice-Cream, then putting them back. She was laughing and saw it as a joke, but it isn't. This sort of thing can spread diseases, sickness, all sorts of product is now destroyed. It is shoplifting, and food tampering. This trend has caught on with others being copycats and licking merchandise without paying for it. Just recently, a man, dressed provocatively, made a video of him gargling & then spitting back into the Listerine bottle. The ice-cream licker girl is now possibly facing upwards of 20+ years. This is straight up unsanitary and hateful to do this. Hopefully, no one purchased the ice-cream tubs. 

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