Apple Threatens to Remove Parler App

Joshua Jones Jr. - Fri | June 28, 2019 | 8:20AM

New Social Media Platform Parler News: Unbiased Alternative

   Apple, one of the most oppressive tech companies in the industry, has recently contacted John Matze. John Matze is the founder of the Conservative app, Parler, which has become very popular recently. Apple told John that he must start censoring offensive speech or the app would be deleted. This is something that we knew was coming, but he threatened to sue & so things are going to heat up from here. Most people do not know that in order to get an app onto the Apple or Google stores, you are going to have to submit to what they want your app to function like. This usually will mean one thing: censoring Conservatives. Everyone is downloading the app just in case, but Apple is going to put the pressure on John Matze. It is believed that he will refuse to accept their fascistic oppressive stipulations that are pernicious to Free Speech. Here is a screenshot of what was said to John Matze:

Tech Tyranny: Apple Threatens To Kick Social Media Company ...

   This never-ending censorship of Conservatives is getting old. Congress is already looking into getting rid of Section-230 for these tech companies. When will this Orewellian style censorship end?

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