Andrew Yang says: “MSNBC Cut My Mic”

Joshua Jones Jr. - Fri | June 28 | 10:00AM

Andrew Yang AFP Getty

   Andrew Yang has become a popular name amongst the Democratic Party. He has a staple plan of giving everyone the ‘Freedom dividend’. He says the Freedom Dividend is giving every adult $1,000 a month, no questions asked. This conflicts with a Conservative approach of course, as this money would come from a VAT (Value Added Tax). He wants to help people who will struggle to have stable jobs due to automation & A.I. that will be a major variable in how jobs will struggle - this is one thing that helped President Trump get elected. That is because Trump focused on jobs & how he would help people get back to work. Today, the jobs market is doing well. However you feel about Yang is irrelevant, because the main thing to get from this is: he has been censored. Well, that is what your party is all about Andrew, they want to censor. The do censor. They will continue to censor. Jump ship Yang, because it looks like the debates & the DNC is rigged. They already know who they want, before hearing anyone even speak. In fact, you read the comments of the video on YouTube of MSNBC's taping of the debates, nearly every single comment even says they noticed this happen. Yang was only given 2 questions the entire night. The bias & fix is in. 

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